Welcome to the laptops for teens homepage !

Thank you for visiting the page where you can learn about my idea about how laptops can help poor kids. Let me immediately explain what I would like to do. Here is my idea:

You donate me your old laptop. At a minimum, it must have Pentium or AMD (or compatible) processor, 64MB of RAM memory, a 500MB hard drive and a CD-ROM. The laptop does not need to be in top condition, its screen or case could have a bump or two and its keyboard could be in poor shape. Please keep the following in mind:


If your laptop crashes, has viruses, does not print or if you cannot retrieve files from it I will still happily take it from you. Why? Because I will install a completely different operating system called “Linux” on it.

Two of the major qualities of Linux are its ability to run on older computers and its ability to run well on seemingly defective hardware. Also - all the Linux software I will install on this laptop is distributed free of charge and can be freely copied

Once Linux is installed on the laptop, I will donate it to a underprivileged teenager (selected by the local high-schools or police department). I will also teach him/her how to use it at no charge whatsoever. This is what I plan to offer each teenager:

  1. 5 weekly courses on the use of Linux software

  2. 10 weeks of email/phone support

  3. the ability of autonomously continue developing computer skills

  4. a Linux pre-installed laptop with over 2000 free applications

=>All this will be given to the teenagers absolutely free of any charge <=

The combination of your laptop and the skills needed to run Linux on it will give this teenager the ability not only to use a word-processor or a spreadsheet, but also surf the internet, send and receive emails and much more. In fact, he/she will have all the tools to become a computer programmer or system administrator.

Finally, a couple of words about myself. I am a Swiss citizen who lives in the USA since last summer. I am a certified Windows programmer and Linux system administrator.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, or if you wish to help me or participate in my project, you can send me an email. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.



New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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